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What do we offer our sellers to get their home Mortgage ready for sale?
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The Preferred Lending Solutions team has created a program that focuses on putting sellers in the perfect position to get their homes sold within 30-days under contract.

Our lenders work alongside listing agents and home sellers on a step by step strategy on becoming “Mortgage Fit.” This 30-day close guarantee program takes sellers through several areas of concentration. Traditionally most of these steps take place after the property is under contract. 

Our program offers sellers the opportunity to have this work completed before ever going under contract. This ensures contract dates don’t expire, lock dates don’t expire and liens or home condition issues are addressed up front. This saves not only valuable time but money through the process.

*30-Day Guarantee : A Preferred Mortgage Fit Home + Preferred Approved Buyer = 30 day loan closing Guarantee. If we cannot close it in 30 days we will pay up to $500.00 in the seller agreed concessions. Not applicable on foreclosed, short-sale, or relocation properties. 
**IF Rural Development office is more than 10 days behind, then we have 45 day guarantee .
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  • 30-Day Guarantee*
30-Day Guarantee!
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